Celebrating the 2000 year old art of sumptuous goldwork embroidery

Dragon by Diane Stoker

Dragon by Diane Stoker

It takes time to create such beautiful works of art, and consequently, the Goldwork Guild only holds an exhibition every 2-3 years. In 2019 this fascinating and inspirational exhibition takes place at Nature in Art Museum and Art Gallery, Wallsworth Hall, Twigworth, Gloucester, from 20th August – 8th September.

The most exciting technique available to anyone who loves embroidery, is that of goldwork and metal thread embroidery. The skill needed to master the work and to achieve all the possibilities with the best effect, takes years of practice and is meticulously worked over time. At this exhibition, the
goldwork embroiderers show off their skill in a variety of spectacular works of art, each one depicting
elements of nature.

The glorious opulence of gold is the symbol of wealth, affluence, and status throughout the world,
and has captured human attention since time immemorial. Goldwork embroidery is no exception, and
throughout history has been embellishing fabric decoration and creating stunning and exquisite
garments and robes to create articles of beauty and majesty to convey opulence, power, and distinction.

Dating back some 2000 years, only royals, nobility, and those of great wealth could afford such
magnificence in garments, domestic hangings, religious, and ceremonial robes.

Harvest Gold by Wendy Rosier.

Harvest Gold by Wendy Rosier.

Whilst the art and dedicated skill of the goldworker has continued through the centuries, this specialised form of embroidery is no longer the privilege of the aristocracy, religious institutions,
or the wealthy, but is traditionally worked today to not only enhance domestic, religious, and ceremonial textiles, but to create breathtaking works of art simply for pleasure.

Goldwork, one of the oldest embroidery techniques, uses gold, silver, and metal threads to create
articles of great richness which both enthral and captivate all who see them. Originally, it was worked
using pure gold and silver thread.

Today, the modern embroiderer still uses real gold and silver thread along with imitation gold, silver, and copper thread, as well as a myriad array of coloured metal threads to create stunning designs using
different techniques.

This exhibition, presented by the Goldwork Guild, shows a wide selection of pieces by its members
worldwide using a variety of techniques, each one worked with meticulous skill over many months.

All the techniques have stood the test of time and are as ancient as the craft itself. The majority of the exhibits are inspired by nature such as flowers, fauna, animals, birds etc, and each day throughout the exhibition, a member of the Guild will be demonstrating this beautiful art form, explaining the process and answering any questions raised.

There will also be an opportunity to purchase tiny spools of gold thread from the Nature
in Art Museum and Art Gallery shop and a booklet on the Or Nue technique. Certain small goldwork
items will also be shown for sale in the display cases within the shop.

For those seeking refreshments there is also a café within this magnificent Georgian building.

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