At Nature in Art Museum and Art Gallery, Twigworth, Gloucestershire.

The Guild stages an exhibition every 2-3 years. The 2019 exhibition had 100 beautiful exhibits on display with different members of the Goldwork Guild demonstrating daily over the three week period.
Many people from Wales came two or three times to see the exhibition and small pieces of goldwork embroidery were sold in the shop at this beautiful Georgian mansion. Visitors also included people from Australia, Bahrain and China as well as those from various English counties.

This work is carried on today as part of a 2000 year old art form. It’s a very specialised form of embroidery which takes skilled workers many hours to just do a small area. Therefore it takes many months to create a finished piece. Longer if the piece is large and more complicated using all the techniques within goldwork.

Displayed are pictures of the exhibition from different angles and 3 of the exhibits.